What To Do With Your Goals

Setting goals is noble but it is hardly the entire picture. Great goals that are skilfully crafted can lay covered in your notebook. They will just be a testament of your good intentions, smart thinking but also of your poor execution and indiscipline. A goal not pursued is a goal not achieved, and a goal not achieved is a reminder of a lost opportunity. To avoid missing great opportunities this year, here are a few things you can do with your goals:

  1. Believe them: if you set goals you don’t believe in, you have already eliminated any possibility of success. You don’t have to set goals that are too big to achieve. Remember, goals help you to move from where you are to where you want to be. If you don’t believe in the destination, don’t embark on the journey.
  2. Watch them: keep your eyes on your goals. You will forget your goals as soon as you lose sight of them. You have to be mindful of them every day, every week and every month. What you watch, you mind.
  3. Recall them: if you find it difficult to remember your goals, you will find it difficult to achieve them. Forgetting your goals means they are not in your consciousness; whereas, it takes conscious effort to achieve goals.
  4. Touch them: everyday, make sure you are in touch with the goals. Ensure that you are getting something done towards achieving them. Goals are not fulfilled overnight but through little efforts and little steps. Simply achieve your plan for today and you would have moved a day closer to achieving your goals.
  5. Check them: every time you achieve something, check it on your list. It gives you a sense of fulfilment and movement. Very soon, you will begin to look forward to checking your list every day and this will become a motivation to do more.
  6. Review them: from time to time, review your goals because you may need to adjust them. Not because you are lazy but because you want to achieve a better result. If you are fortunate to be ahead in the achievement of your goals, don’t relax but double your efforts. It is an indication that you have capacity for more.
  7. Celebrate them: make a big deal out of achieving your goals. Reward yourself and you will be motivated to jump into the next challenge.