The World is Waiting…

The World is Waiting…

It is generally believed that people no longer read in this generation, which is a bad news for writers. How do you write when you already have the impression that no one would read it? The other bad news for writers is that even when there are people out there who would read their articles, there are few available platforms to present them to the audience. Several times, the passion of young writers is killed by lack of opportunities to be read. Imagine the difficulty to get your articles published in newspapers or magazines! While the internet appears to be a great opportunity for every writer to be visible, it is not as easy as it seems. There are several blogs without enough traffic to justify the efforts invested in creating contents for them. There are too many sites and pages contending for the attention and limited time of online visitors that you cannot guarantee that your article would be an option.

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It is not true that people no longer read; what is true is that they have changed their reading habits. You can learn the specific needs of your audience and how to satisfy these needs. It is also not true that there are no platforms to express yourself because I am making one available to you right now.

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I always wanted to share my ideas through writing but I never had the opportunity to do so. In 2009, I met the Editor of one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria and he promised to give me a column in his paper. I followed up this promise for two years but he never fulfilled the promise. Finally in 2011, I had the opportunity to write for a regional newspaper and this lasted till 2012. Though the paper was not distributed where I was located, I kept writing in faith that someone somewhere was reading. In 2013, I was blessed with the opportunity to start the column “Communicate Your Ideas” in The Nation Newspaper and the column is still published every Friday till date. Within this period, I received several comments from almost every state in the country and some of the requests received gave birth to my website. From my experience, I learnt that you must never give up on your dreams because there are people out there waiting for what you have to offer.

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Writing in itself is a major task without being burdened with the worries of how to share it. I believe there are several world class writers waiting to be discovered. I have also received several requests from people who would love to develop their writing careers. Therefore, I present to you a new feature, “Talented”, on my website to give you the opportunity to post your articles for free.

Talented 4

The website is one of the fastest growing platforms on effective communication. Launched in September 2015, the site has enjoyed over 20,000 visits in just 11 months. It has also been visited from over 80 countries of the world with United States, Germany, France, Norway and United Kingdom among the top 10. Wouldn’t you want your articles to be read on this platform?

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Well, the only condition is that you should upload your original article and avoid plagiarism. Since the opportunity is open to people from across the world, you should include your name and nationality. The articles remain yours and you can re-use them anytime and anyhow you wish; the aim of this project is visibility for you.

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Register right now, read the instructions at the “Talented” forum and begin immediately. Hurry up because the world is waiting for you.



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  • Nice one Laolu, more power to your arm

    Oluwaseun Adedibu Reply
    • Thank you very much Seun, I really appreciate you.

      olanre5_wp Reply
  • It’s a good platform. Keep it up.

    ABIOYE Reply
  • Oh! This is great Sir.
    I look forward to putting one of my works here too.
    Keep up the great work Sir.

    • I’m so glad to hear that Wale. I look forward to it.

      olanre5_wp Reply
  • Nice work. Very proud of you and your work. More grace!

    phemran Reply
    • Thank you so much. I really value your comments.

      olanre5_wp Reply

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