The Window 2

The story of Chris and Joe has been told in different variations but the theme has always been the same- the selflessness of the blind man. This time, I would like to take a different angle to the story by focusing on the window. From the story, it is clear that the window does not necessarily refer to an opening in the wall of the building but the outlook of the mind.  Joe, whose sightlessness was compounded by sitting next to a “walled window”, saw more than Chris did with his two eyes functional. The window represents our attitude towards life and the power of our inner eyes. Let’s consider the following kinds of windows:

  1. Small vs Big Window: Some people possess a very limited outlook to life which makes them close up. Unfortunately, as they hoard all the good things in their lives from flowing out to others, they also keep good things from flowing in. Joe expanded his view of the world and shared his inner vision with his friend. Open your window and let light in.
  2. Dirty vs Clean Window: when your window is dirty, all you see through it will be tainted. A negative attitude will always affect your disposition towards life. We may all be looking at the same thing but our interpretation of it depends on our positive or negative disposition.
  3. Barred vs Free Window: some people are trapped in their own lives because of fear. They are suspicious of everything and everyone. While it is necessary to be cautious, fear can keep us from living totally. Les Brown says, “There is no safe position in life; you can’t get out of life alive”. We might as well make the best of our lives.     

You may be face by a blank window, but what you choose to see it what matters.