The Seed

Once upon a time, there lived three supernatural beings and their names were Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Each of them had special powers to control certain aspects of time. For instance, anything that had to do with memories or history was within the domain of Yesterday; Today was the lord of actions and execution of plans, while Tomorrow superintended over the realms of vision, dreams, projections and strategic plans. One day, ego set in and these three beings got into an argument on who was the most important. Of course, each of them put forth his argument but there was no one to mediate among them.

After several days of argument, which almost led to a disruption in the time continuum, a little Seed approached the three supernatural beings and said, “I hail you mighty ones. While you are supernatural, I am natural. However, I can help you decide who is the greatest among you.” The three beings became very curious because no one had been able to judge among them thus far. So they asked how the Seed planned to carry out the task. In response, the Seed said, “I have life within me and my capabilities are without limit. I can provide food, shade, books, and several other amazing things. However, my powers cannot be released until I am planted and I grow. Whoever can perform this colossal feat is worthy of honour.”

After giving the proposition some thought, the three beings agreed that it was a brilliant idea. They decided that they would return to the conference table after seven days to see who would have released the power of the Seed. Immediately they left the meeting, Yesterday had a terrible mood swing, or should we call it a wave of depression? He told himself, “If I had known about this challenge, I would have planted my seed since yesterday, and by now it would have grown”. As each day passed, he became more and more depressed.

Tomorrow was quite the opposite. He was full of such hope that he could not sleep. He kept telling himself, “Tomorrow, I will buy a beautiful flower pot and plant the seed. After it has grown a little, I will transplant it to where it will have all the space needed to mature. After maturity, more seeds will be produced and I will repeat the process so that I can have a big plantation. Of course, I will multiply the power of the seed several times over and become the greatest”. With every passing day, Tomorrow became more and more excited.

As for Today, he planted the seed immediately. He said to himself, “It is true that I could have planted this seed yesterday, but I never knew of this challenge then and I cannot beat myself up for that. Besides, it is better late than never. Also, though the condition today is not the best for planting and tomorrow may be better, I will start small and improve with time rather than wait for a perfect condition.” And so, with every passing day, Today watched as the seed began to grow.

On the seventh day of the challenge, the three supernatural beings converged. Yesterday was depressed because he still felt yesterday was the perfect time to have planted but he missed it, and Tomorrow was ecstatic because with every passing day, his dreams were becoming greater and new strategies were emerging. As for Today, he was grateful that he took advantage of the moment to plant the seed, which had sprouted. At the meeting that day, the three beings agreed that though each of them was unique in his own assignment, only Today could get anything done. But more importantly, they agreed that the Seed was a perfect test of greatness.