The Power of Giving (2)

In the first part of this article (read here), I told you how Teju Oyelakin started The Teju Babyface Show. Several times, we strategise on the best way to get what we want; whereas, we should rather strategise on the best way to give what we have. The first lesson learnt from Teju’s story was “Give humility”. Here are other things we can give, continuing from number two:

2. Give your skills: if you reject ‘little’ opportunities, you may never get the exposure that would earn you big ones. You need to give your skills first before you attract benefits. If Teju hadn’t given his skills at the company’s event, his potential clients- the MD and perhaps others- would never have had the opportunity to know how good he was.

3. Give unconditional quality: some people offer the quality that is commensurate with the benefit they are offered. Teju attended the event and put up his best performance not minding the late invitation and the meagre pay. That opened the door for greater opportunities. You may tie the quantity you offer to your pay, but never vary your quality. Your quality is your brand. Teju could have justified a poor performance but excuses only attract sympathy at best and not opportunities.

4. Give compliments: commenting on the MD’s cars created a bond between the two car lovers. The compliment created an opportunity for an ‘unofficial’ conversation between them no matter how brief. Everyone appreciates a compliment and since it is free, what stops you from giving some? Please note that you should give compliments and not flattery. Flattery is excessive or insincere praise; it is selfish, deceptive and obvious.

5. Give honour: people tend to think the rich and successful need nothing in life. Well, they need the most! They need sincere and faithful people around them, which they can never be sure of. They are most likely surrounded by people who need them for sustenance, influence, fame, etc. So, one can understand why the MD was pleasantly surprised that Teju rejected the offer to be paid. Any time you give honour, you receive honour in return; it may not be from the same person, but you cannot miss your reward.

6. Give the present: if your current life does not look like the future you desire, it’s time to give something. Give your time to acquire knowledge. Give your energy to acquire experience. If you need a job, you may intern in a reputable organisation even if it’s for free. While you may or may not be employed after your ‘free’ internship, you will acquire valuable experience that will attract potential employers to you. Also, having the name of that reputable organisation on your resume will be an added advantage.