So What’s New?

Happy New Year to you. I am so excited and grateful that we made it to a new year full of opportunities. May all your good desires be fulfilled in 2018.

After all the excitement and celebration of crossing over to 2018, several people still wonder about the “unnecessary hype” of a new year. “What is new except for a change in the calendar?” they ask. Bad jobs don’t automatically change with the calendar. Frustrating marriages don’t change. An errant child doesn’t change. Debts don’t supernaturally get paid. After the holidays, people simply pick up from where they left off in 2017 and life goes on. So what’s new?

People are looking for newness in the wrong places. Physical things may or may not change but the greatest change is in you. If your attitude to life doesn’t change, no other change will matter. A new year offers new opportunities:

  1. For self-evaluation: now is the time to make all your past mistakes count by converting them into lessons. What worked or didn’t work last year? Failure to evaluate will lead to making your best investments in your worst ventures. You will devote more time to what gave you the least returns last year. Build on your strengths not your weaknesses.
  2. To take responsibility: for most people, things don’t change because of their lack of involvement. They make new year resolutions without any commitment to change their habits. Les Brown once told a story of a man who walked by a family sitting on a porch with a dog groaning at their feet. When he asked the owner of the dog why it was groaning, the owner replied, “Because it’s lying on a nail”. Surprised, he asked why the dog didn’t get up and the owner replied, “Because it’s not hurting enough to get up!” Don’t ever think you don’t have a choice in life. Don’t just lay there and complain like the dog; get up and move on! Take responsibility for the change you desire.
  3. For a power start: athletes are usually strongest at the beginning of a race. The burst of energy propels them towards their goals. There are no two starts in a single race; you’ve got to get it right the first time. An athlete may have lost the last race but standing at the starting line is an opportunity to win a new one. See only your goals and blank out on the rest. Your life will never be the same again once you breast that tape.