Orderliness? Ask the Ants! (12)

Orderliness is the quality of adopting a specific method of arrangement. It has to do with ensuring that things are where they belong and how they belong. It helps to clarify purpose and vision. When things are not orderly, problems appear larger than life; issues appear more complicated; and needs appear insatiable. In the absence of orderliness, beauty is lost. Proper arrangement is what turns simple individual flowers into a gorgeous bouquet. An orderly army can save a nation while disorderly citizens can ruin it.

Some people’s lives are so disorganised that they appear to be suffocating. You need to take out the trash; get rid of clutters such as negative emotions, attitudes and relationship and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Never let your life become people’s dumping ground. Set your life in order; with planning comes a sense of purpose. The process of ordering your goals and plans gives you a sense of fulfilment and achievement. It also gives you a sense of movement; you can tell where you are precisely, where you are headed and how much effort you need to get there.

Orderliness is selfless and painstaking. You defer to a procedure and delay your gratification. You wade into the midst of confusion and set things straight. You look beyond the mess and you see the message. It may be strenuous but the result is always rewarding. Effective decisions are made only when the choices are clear. Orderliness involves redeploying your energy from your areas of weakness to your areas of strength. Here are orderliness tips from ants:

  1. Orderly match: scientists observed that ants travel along orderly pathways in search of food. There is no contest about who gets “there” first because they all have a common goal. Ants are so coordinated that they can manage to overpower larger predators. The strength of the ants is not in the individuals but in the synergy of the colony to achieve a common purpose. While they appear as a confused lot, they are actually connecting through clearly defined signals. Orderliness can convert your antagonistic team into a complementary one; stop matching in opposite directions!
  2. Orderly roles: ants have specific roles in the colony. When there is orderliness, efforts are not duplicated and resources are not wasted. It ensures that no one feels cheated and all actions are justified. Don’t do someone else’s job while you leave yours undone!