Introducing World’s Unrecognised Superpower!

Who is the greatest meat eater in the world? Not the lion!

Who has one of the most sophisticated communication systems in the world? Not the Pentagon!

Whose strength lies not in individuality but collective efforts? Not the army!

Who is the heaviest weight lifter in the world? Not Paul Anderson!

Who is stronger than the world’s strongest astronaut? Not Neil Armstrong!

Who is the answer to all the above? The ant is!


Surprised? So was I when I discovered the feats of these seemingly insignificant creatures. The documentary titled “Ants- Nature’s Secret Power”, reveals that ants are the most efficient predators on earth because they consume more meat than the combination of lions, tigers and wolves. A single colony of ants is reputed to consume over 10 million insects in a year.

Human nature tends to discountenance anything that is small- small businesses, small houses, small-statured people, small ideas, small pay, etc. From the case of the ants, however, small is by no means a sign of weakness. Smallness is also not a definition of ability. Together, these creatures have been able to defeat formidable foes and sustained their colonies.

Something about these ants made the wisest man that ever lived to recommend them as instructors for a lazy man. He was obviously fascinated by their sense of coordination and diligence. Physical strength is nothing compared to exceptional coordination. When a group of strong and intelligent people are uncoordinated, confusion can only be the result. Skillfulness is nothing compared to cooperation. You can have a team of world-class football players play individual games on the field- each trying to demonstrate his superiority.

As superior as human beings are to ants, our intelligence lies not in our ability to do all things excellently but in our ability to ask the right questions and seek the right answers. We are ever so conscious of the amount of knowledge out there that we are yet to acquire. That is what led us to the moon! That is what led us to advancement in science! And that is why you need to learn from the ants. Join me in the next few posts as we explore “ants’ recipe for success”.