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    Welcome to the forum on Excellent Writing Skills. I will post lessons on writing and we will discuss them together. Please feel comfortable to comment and discuss as well as share your own perspective on the subject. That is why we are here after all. Let’s learn and enjoy:


    Writing begins with the heart. When the heart is empty, the paper is empty. You should first conceive the idea you want to pass across before you begin to write. The originality of your thought determines how well your message will stand out. ‘Original thought’ here doesn’t imply that the entire material in the writing must come from you; you may need to include supporting information (which we will discuss in another lesson). What I mean is you should clearly define the purpose for the writing. As you will find out later, this first step is pivotal to every other step in the writing process.
    The same rule applies whether the style of the writing is formal or informal. It doesn’t matter whether you want to write a business proposal, a report, a memo, a newsletter, a sales letter, a post or a tweet. A clear understanding of the message you want to communicate will aid the writing process. Never be so much in a hurry to jump into writing before clarifying the message you want to pass across. The following exercise should help in this regard:
    1. Make a list (mentally or written, though written is preferable to monitor your progress) of the ideas you want to write on.
    2. Which idea is most compelling?
    3. Which idea offers you the greatest advantage in terms of argument, knowledge or interest?
    4. Which idea paints a clear picture in your mind (the picture you will eventually transfer to your audience)?
    I think you already have a message in mind! Great job!
    How else do you think we can clearly define the purpose of our writing? Let’s discuss it.

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