The Power of Influence - By Dr. Lanre Amodu

The Power of Influence

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INTRODUCTION A lot of times, the passion of young writers is killed by lack of opportunities to be read. There are several blogs without enough traffic to justify the efforts invested in creating contents for them. This project provides an opportunity for up-and-coming writers to post their articles and enjoy the readership of the visitors attracted by the site.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Register on the site and your registration will be approved within 24 hours 2. Use your registration details to log in to the dashboard 3. Post your article and it will be approved in 24 hours – Write your article on a word document. Then copy and paste in the provided windows. Pay attention to the separate windows for the title and content – Article should not be more than 350 words – Ensure that your articles are free of errors – Ensure that your articles are not offensive. Any article containing offensive language or subject will not be approved

– Include your picture so that readers can recognise the author – Include a theme picture by clicking on the “set feature image” link at the right-hand side of the page. To insert more pictures in the content, use the “add media” option above the content window – To categorise your article, check the “TALENTED” box under “Categories” on the right-hand side of the page – When you are certain that you ready to post, click on “Publish” – You can always save a draft of your entry and complete the post later – You can edit an already published post by clicking on “posts” on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on “all posts” and edit your entry 4. Invite readers to read. Considering the volume of posts that will be on the page, the only way to guarantee that own article will be read is to invite people 5. Writers can post more than one article but must not re-post an article that is already on the page 6. Writers should check this page constantly for new dates and updates

BENEFITS This site is one of the fastest growing platforms on effective communication. Within the first 8 months of its establishment, it has attracted over 16,000 visits. It has also been visited from over 79 countries of the world with USA, Norway, Germany, France and Ukraine among the top 10. What better opportunity do you need to launch your writing career?

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