Are You Interested?

“Here is the big challenge of life. You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are”. Apt words from Jim Rohn! It is amazing how we blame circumstances for our lot in life. Several people desperately want things to change around them while they remain the same. They want a better job without extra work, better relationships with no extra commitment, and more money without a budget.

We must be truthful enough to admit the reality. Do we really want what we claim to want? There are three general degrees of engagement. By the time we are done, I believe you will be able to identify your category. In anything you become involved in, be it education, career, relationships, volunteerism, investment, vocational training, etc, you can be interested, committed or dedicated.

Let’s begin with interest. According to Cambridge Dictionary, “interest is the feeling of wanting to give your attention to something or of wanting to be involved with and to discover more about something”. You may be interested in a girl or boy, in a job, in a country, in a career, in a skill, etc. The following are the characteristics of interest:

  1. It is the beginning: before you get involved in anything or with anyone, you need to be interested. Without interest, you may never seek information or ever try to get close.
  2. It is emotional: interest is based on good feelings. The more fun you associate with something or someone, the more interested you become.
  3. It is curiosity-driven: mystery attracts attention. The thrill of exploring a new relationship, job or activity will potentially heighten your interest.

As good as interest is, however, it is burdened with some critical challenges.

  1. It lacks the assurance of sustainability. I may be interested in driving, but the moment my curiosity is satisfied, and “fun” becomes “stress” because I now have to run errands for my parents, I may become less interested. When emotion runs out, interest dies down.
  2. It thrives on flexibility and comfort: who wants fun and curiosity to be regimented? The moment you introduce rules, it becomes forced. Hence, interested persons lack the discipline required to stay on when not convenient. They may never even begin. Find out the next level here.