Are You Interested?

“Here is the big challenge of life. You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are”. Apt words from Jim Rohn! It is amazing how we blame circumstances for our lot in life. Several people desperately want things to change around them while they remain the same. They want […]


Dedication is Best

Are we pushing this too far or what? What is better than commitment? I will answer that in a minute. First, recall that interest is very essential but it must lead to something better, read here. Second, commitment is an obligation that sustains your engagement even when your interest is waning, read here. While commitment […]

Better to Be Committed!

“I am interested in you!” If you think that statement is a great thing, then you need to read about “interest” here. Interest is a very good first step, but you must quickly move past it if you are serious about getting good results. Where do you go next? How about being “Committed”? Merriam-Webster Dictionary […]